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What is orthodontics?

Simply put, orthodontics are braces. Braces put gentle pressure on your teeth, eventually moving them into the right position.

Orthodontic treatment straightens your teeth so they look and work better. Braces or other appliances are used to put gentle pressure on your teeth. Over a number of months or years, this pressure can move your teeth into the right position.

Signs You Need Braces


You lost your baby teeth too early, affecting how your adult teeth developed.


Crooked or crowded teeth


Shifting jaw or your jaw is making sounds.


Difficulty chewing food.

What Can I Expect During My Appointments?


The first step in getting braces is having your situation assessed. The orthodontist will need to see what solutions will be required to adjust your teeth back to their beautiful straight and properly spaced selves.

Placing The Braces

Placing the braces requires a number of steps and this will be the longest of all of your visits. Your teeth will be conditioned, cement applied, followed by the setting of the brackets and wire.


While you’re wearing your braces, your teeth will be constantly moving into their proper places. Adjustements will need to be made to the wires over this time to move your teeth in certain ways.

Consistent Appointments

It is vitally important to stay up to date on your regular dentist appointments while wearing your braces! Dentists and hygienists know how to properly clean around your braces and will ensure that when your braces are removed your teeth and gums are as healthy as ever.

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