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What are dental implants?

Implants are a way to replace a badly damaged or lost tooth. Made of titanium, implants replace the root of a lost or removed tooth, and support a natural looking artificial tooth. The implant acts as an anchor within the jawbone for your new artificial tooth.

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Signs You May Need an Implant

One or more missing teeth
You are planning on having a problem tooth removed

What Can I Expect When Getting An Implant?

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Initial Checkup

Your dentist will examine the area where the implant is planned, and take several x-rays of your head, jaw, and teeth. After your checkup, if your dentist agrees that an implant is the best solution for replacing your missing tooth, you can book a time for the first procedure.

The First Procedure

During your first implant procedure, your dentist will insert the implant into your jawbone beneath your gums. 


Your dentist will recommend a period of time (usually several months) for your gums to heal, and for your jawbone to bond to the implant.

The Second Procedure

After a quick check to ensure everything has healed, your dentist will then attach the artificial tooth to your implant. Fitting this tooth properly may require several appointments to ensure proper bite and no discomfort. Talk to your dentist to find out when your future appointments should be scheduled.

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