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What are dental bridges?

Bridges are a way to replace a lost tooth or teeth. They literally “bridge” the gap made by a missing tooth by attaching to real or artificial (implanted) teeth on either side. They are more permanent than dentures, and many times do not require surgery like implants.

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Signs You Need A Bridge


One or more missing teeth next to each other


A dental implant is not viable


You don’t want removable dentures

What Can I Expect During My Appointment?


During your first appointment, the dentist will give you a normal checkup and get your medical history. In this appointment, we take the utmost care to understand your needs and what will suit your situation best. Several x-rays of your head, jaw, and teeth will be taken.

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Preparing Your Teeth

Depending on your dental situation, this appointment will focus on either preparing your existing teeth for the bridge, or initiating implant procedures.

Fitting Your Bridge

Once your existing (or implanted) teeth are prepared, your newly created bridge is fitted into the gap of your missing tooth.

Final Follow Up

After you’ve had a chance to use your new bridge, your dentist may want to meet with you again to adjust the fit and bite to ensure maximum comfort.

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