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Cosmetic Dentistry

Upper Canada Dental is one of the leading providers of the Invisalign in York Region since 1995. Invisalign is an invisible system that replaces braces for both teens and adults. You can contact Upper Canada Dental for a free consultation.

Oral surgery with sedation is done at Upper Canada Dental along with one visit crown placements. They use the Cerec system so only appointment is necessary. Upper Canada Dental has several options for teeth whitening that include the Zoom Teeth Whitening system. Upper Canada Dental uses Nobel implants. Nobel is the original implants and still the best system. 3M mini implants can be used to secure dentures and this procedure is also available at our dental clinic.

Dental Implants

Dr. Railton and the Upper Canada Dental Centre have been placing and restoring dental implants in Newmarket and Aurora for over 20 years at their location in the Upper Canada Mall.

A dental implant is a prosethic that is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Dental implants consist of a metal post that is constructed out of titanium. This material allows the dental implant post to bond and integrate with bone. Titanium implants will last forever where earlier dental implant posts made out of stainless steel would have to be replaced because they would not bond.

A dental implant is made up of three parts that include the titanium post, the abutment and the crown. A typical dental implant is done in stages and this process will take up to six months to complete.

There are many different shapes and sizes of dental implants that are used for different reasons and applications. Upper Canada Dental uses the Nobel dental implant system which is the original dental implant system. Dr. Railton and Dr. Leung believe that the Nobel system is still the best for a single implant.

You would expect that the dental implant procedure would be a painful one but it is not. Patients say that the process is less painful than a tooth extraction. You will feel some pressure during the procedure but no pain with some soreness after the dental implant procedure for approximately one day.
Upper Canada Dental also does mini dental implants which are used to secure dentures. Dr. Railton and Dr. Leung use the 3M™ MDI mini dental implants that are designed to help denture wearers to enjoy their dentures in complete confidence. Many patients have said that the MDI mini dental implants have provided them with a life changing experience.

After the mini dental implant procedure, you will be able to enjoy your favourite foods, talk with ease, laugh and smile freely. You will now feel a new stability in your dentures—secure that they have the staying power you need without messy denture adhesives or creams.